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Welcome to Power house Raceway and Hobbies

Powerhouse Raceway and Hobby is a family business that supports the local and regional slot care racing hobbyists in both selling a full line of slot cars, slot car parts and accessories. In addition, we carry a full inventory of  RC cars, planes, boats, helicopters and puzzles. 


It’s a family oriented store for all different hobbyists to choose from.  Our main attraction of course is slot cars and RC cars. We are proud to have a big eight lane track called the “ Blue Devil” for the slot cars and they also have the "Yellow Track" as well as an incredibly fun 6 lane track called the “ Rainbow Curve.” 


Come on over and bring your own slot cars and equipment if you have it, if not we have a variety of rentals that you can use. On top of all of these racetracks, we have an up-and-coming dragstrip as well as a separate party room that is available for special events.


Our slot cars are available and priced by rental time and track time. We offer 15 minutes, half hour to one hour TrackTime runs available as well as the above mentioned party room where you can reserve your tracks and have guests at the same time. We have a large variety of available slot car parts from Parma, RedFox, and ProSlot just to mention a few.


We have a wide range of ready to run RC cars, trucks, dune buggies, boats, planes, and more. These are all fully assembled and ready to go out of the box and we also stock and sell some kits where you can build and maintain your own customized vehicle because we have spare parts and upgrades that are available as well. Some of the brands we carry are: AArma, ECX and Axial parts and many more. 

 Prolite parts for our slot cars as well. 


We are a proud to be a Horizon dealer as well as a RedCat dealer.  In addition, there is a Rockcrawler course for 1/24 scale in the works. We have a YouTube channel where we can stream live videos both online and here which is so much fun especially if you do a party that’ll be great so you everybody can see the racing in live time and we can make videos of your races as well.

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